Why Ho‘āla

Why Hoʻāla?

Hoʻāla means to rise up and make new. Island Energy is committed to doing our part to protect the environment through this new carbon offset program. Together, we are championing Hawaiʻi’s energy future with our island community in mind.

How It Works

Ho‘āla Fuel Up

You fill up
your gas tank.

You pump the same
high-quality fuel.

Ho‘āla Offset Emissions

Hoʻāla offsets
your emissions.

The Hoʻāla Emissions Offset Program
invests in carbon reduction projects.

Ho‘āla Support

Together, we
support Hawaiʻi.

The Hoʻāla program supports initiatives that help to restore Hawaiʻi’s environment.

Global Carbon Impact

The Hoʻāla program offsets vehicle emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects around the world. Financially supporting these projects plays a crucial role in encouraging innovation in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

Learn More about Carbon Offsets

Ho‘āla Carbon Projects

Carbon Reduction Projects

To ensure our commitment to offset carbon emissions is met, Hoʻāla invests only in Certified carbon offset projects. By making sure each project is certified by independent third-party evaluators to meet strict international standards, Hoʻāla is helping to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases for us all. Hoʻāla is also fully dedicated to our islands.

While there are currently no certified carbon offset projects in Hawaiʻi, we commit to: continuing to vet and source certified carbon offset projects in Hawaiʻi as they become available, encouraging Hawaiʻi’s invaluable local offset projects to become certified and investing in projects statewide on top of our offset commitment. For more information on our local partnerships, please visit our Local Impact page.