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Island Energy is dedicated to protecting the environment through the Hoʻāla program. We’re proud to partner with local community groups that make caring for Hawaiʻi and future generations a priority.

Our Partners

We're proud of the partnerships we've cultivated across Hawaiʻi. Click on an island to learn more about each of our non-profit partners.

Kauaʻi Partners

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Oʻahu Partners
Mālama Learning Center

Mālama Learning Center is a non-profit organization that brings art, science, conservation, and culture together to promote sustainable living throughout Hawaiʻi.

Located in Kapolei on West Oʻahu, Mālama Learning Center offers their services primarily to communities from Waipahu to Waiʻanae. The Center is the result of a shared vision among educators, conservation groups, businesses, and community members to create an innovative learning center to promote healthy, sustainable living in an island environment.

Mālama Learning Center’s programs offer hands-on learning opportunities for youth and adults. Participants gain real-life experience with innovations that integrate culture and tradition with technology and science. By actively engaging area residents in nurturing each other and their environment, the Center strives to unify West Oʻahu around a shared ethic of caring and conservation.

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Molokaʻi Partners

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Maui Partners

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Hawaiʻi Partners

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