Project Profile

Henan Xinxiang 24MW Biomass based Cogeneration Project

The Henan Xinxiang 24MW Biomass based Cogeneration Project purpose is to generate electricity and heat by utilizing surplus stalks and waste wood in the project region. The construction of the project is conducive to optimizing the energy structure, reduces environmental pollution and mitigates the energy shortage and improves the ecological environment. The contributions of this project to sustainable development are as follows:

  • This project will mitigate environmental pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It will increase income of local farmers and accelerate economic development in rural areas through purchase of agricultural stalks. It will also reduce environmental pollution from dumping of biomass residues.
  • Ash generated from the biomass burning will be used to produce fertilizer.
  • The construction of this project led to employment opportunities.
Project Type Alternative Energy
Verification APX Verified Carbon Standard
Emission Reduction 123,858 metric tons of CO2e per year