Project Profile

Koroglu Hydroelectric Power Plant

Koroglu Hydroelectric Power Plant is located on the Savrun River in the Osmaniye Province, Kadirli District in Turkey. There are three weirs (or low head dams) in the project. One is the Main Weir located on the Savrun River, and the other two small weirs are located on the Kurbagali Creek, a side branch of the Savrun River. Water will be taken from the Kurbagali Creek, diverted water is conveyed to the settling basin by a pipeline, and suspended material inside the water (bigger than 0.3 mm) is settled by a settling basin. The water then moves through three turbines, creating hydroelectric power.

Project Type Alternative Energy
Verification APX Verified Carbon Standard
Emission Reduction 13,846 metric tons of CO2e per year