Project Profile

Ningxia Angli Lingwu Photovoltaic Power Plant

The Grid Connected Power Plant Project is a grid-connected photovoltaic power plant that will generate electricity by using renewable solar photovoltaic (PV) power to the NWPG and replacing equivalent electricity generated by fossil fuel-fired power plants. This project also promotes local sustainable development through the following aspects:

  • Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions significantly, thus mitigating air pollution
  • Decrease reliance on fossil fuels in the power grid
  • Promote innovation with the Chinese energy sector through the demonstrative practice of the project

The project will achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions by displacing equivalent electricity supplied by the NWPG, which is predominated by fossil fuel-fired power plants. The lifetime of the project is 25 years.

Project Type Alternative Energy
Verification APX Verified Carbon Standard
Emission Reduction 48,402 metric tons of CO2e per year