Project Profile

Vader Piet Wind Farm

Vader Piet Wind Farm harnesses the abundant wind resources of Aruba’s east coast to supply zero emissions energy to the grid. The project installed ten Vestas V90-3.0 (60 Hertz type) turbines, each with a 3 MW capacity, for a total installed capacity of 30 MW. Each turbine hub is a towering 80 meters off the ground, with a transformer installed in the nacelle and a 34 kV switchgear in the tower base.

The project contributes many benefits to both Aruba and the wider world. By reducing the need for imported fossil fuel-based electricity generation, it reduces Aruba’s dependence on foreign energy sources, thereby strengthening its energy security and self-sufficiency. The wind farm also increases regional employment opportunities, and further strengthens the local economy by attracting investment.  Investment in the renewable energy sector is key in supporting Aruba’s planned transition away from imported fossil fuel-based electricity generation.

Project Type Alternative Energy
Verification Gold Standard
Emission Reduction 152,783 metric tons of CO2e per year